My name is Riffolk Erasmus Dene; explorer, adventurer, academic and second-born son of Duke Willamer Dene of Whiteshore. During my training to become a bishop at the famous (some would say infamous) Academy of Whiteshore, I quickly became disillusioned with the church’s incomplete and contradicting accounts as to the origin of the persons and creatures of the world. I renounced religion and my family fortune and set out to accurately document the origin of the magical species. This journal serves as an account of my travels and a guide to biologists seeking the truth about the denizens of this wide Earth.






My compatriot and fellow adventurer is Bradley, the illegitimate son of a distant cousin twice removed. I was somewhat forced into hiring him as an assistant as my father needed the extra room for my mother’s growing sunhat collection. He lacks in intelligence, tact, grace and the ability to appreciate the beauty of the creatures we observe but makes up for it with his skill at accurately sketching the creatures of the wild and his skill at carrying many heavy objects.








What is Beast Chorus?

Beast Chorus is a number of things. First and foremost, it serves as a creative outlet for us, a way to scratch the high fantasy and horrible monster itch we have.
Secondly it is a resource for pen and paper RPGs. We are coming up with new creatures or redesigning old ones with the aim of making fantasy adversaries more fleshed out and interesting. We want to create monsters you could design a whole adventure around, rather than a block of stats for your characters to hack at. The narrative serves as backstory as well as an example of how to use them in your games.
Finally, Beast Chorus is an online bestiary and rulebook for the pen and paper RPG Adventure Chorus, which is currently being developed. Feel free to adapt these creatures for use in your own games and have fun with them!

Who makes it?

Written by Samuel Maguire
Illustrated by Simon Cottee

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